Control your indoor air quality [#CeBIT inspiration]

7 Apr 2017

I spent a lot of time at CeBIT in Hannover this year talking to different companies and startups serving new technologies or that combine present knowledge to provide new solutions for nowadays burning issues. I am going to share this with you in a series of articles as #CeBIT inspiration. Enjoy.

My first material comes straight from Luxemburg from the startup company whose founders claims that they have developed first air quality monitor which takes control of all home devices to provide your home with fresh air. Meet Jacques Touillon, co-founder and CEO of Airboxlab and inventor of Foobot.



What does exactly Foobot do?
Foobot is a connected indoor air quality monitor with sensors that track pollutants such as PM2.5s (particulate matter like oils, dust), VOCs (volatile organic compounds like formaldehyde and ammonia), temperature and humidity. Foobot app presents all the details of your indoor air quality in user-friendly charts. Additionally, when it’s connected to other IoT devices and detects spikes in pollution, Foobot has the ability to trigger any air treatment technology to ventilate, filter or purify the air. It can also adjust humidity levels by triggering humidifier/de-humidifier appliances. Overall, this device is raising awareness to the importance of indoor air quality and  taking control of indoor environment.

What is your biggest success so far?
Our biggest success so far has been creating a strong relationship combination between sensors and data-processing to offer the first and most complete indoor monitoring system. Ultimately then being able to offer Foobot on 3 continents (US, EU, China) and providing our technology to partners. 

Which technologies will shape your industry in future? 

We are seeing strong trends towards more software based sensing technology and also integration in building management systems. 

What is your international strategy?
So far we have started up front with international deployment in the US, EU and China. 

What is your experience with CeBIT, are you satisfied?

Airboxlabs has exhibited Foobot at CeBIT two years in a row amongst other startups. It continues to show how international it is through attendees from all over the world with great innovational mindsets. We have been able to gain high quality leads to extend our international growth in more countries. So we would highly recommend the CeBIT scene to other startups. 


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