HYPE Global Sport Innovation Competition

17 Aug 2016

Over the years, innovators from around the globe have pioneered technologies to assist athletes in pushing themselves beyond their boundaries. For the first time HYPE is putting athletes and innovators together for the biggest competition in history.
Hype is looking for innovative start-ups ideas that are at the forefront of technological progression in the field of sport innovation to compete in the 2016 HYPE Global Sport Innovation Competition.

The Global Sport Innovation Competition, created by Hype Foundation, is an international competition for startups, that brings together entrepreneurs from all across the world, focusing on innovative products and technologies connected to the world of sports.
The international final will take place in Rio de Janeiro, during the 2016 Olympic Games, where 8 innovative startups, selected to represent different territories, will compete for the first prize.
The participating start-ups will pitch their ideas before a grand audience of investors, accelerators and key players of the sports and innovation industry. Competitors will attain outstanding media coverage, be exposed to the top leading sports brands in the world and meet potential investors and representatives from the Official Olympic Committees.
Following last years successful HYPE competition in Milan, over 71.000 innovators from 46 countries are competing in 8 regional competitions.
The 2016 HYPE competition is a once in a lifetime opportunity to push new ideas forward and participate in one of the largest innovation competition in the world.

The European Final in Trento


On May 31st 2016, the University of Trento (Italy) hosted the European “regional” final, that involved the following Countries: Italy, Germany, France, Spain, Portugal, Austria, Switzerland and the Netherlands.
10 startups have been selected to compete in the European final, during which a jury of experts and entrepreneurs will choose a winner to represent Europe in the Rio de Janeiro final.

Among the 123 starting candidates and the 10 selected for the final, NothingButNet won and will fly to Rio for the gran finale.

That evening NothingButNet (NBN23) has been selected in the Auditorium of the University of Trento, in front of a jury of 6 people: Paolo Collini (rector of the University), Luca Bertone (TIM Working Capital), Claire Lewis (Strategy Consultant on Sport, Media and Tech), Burkhard Duemler (Director Program & Projects IT Innovation at Adidas), Beatrice Agostini (Cassa Rurale of Trento), and Laura Capranica (EAS President and Sport Science Professor at University of Foro Italico, Rome).


The diversified team of the Spanish start-up has worked in order to introduce technology in the sport field. In particular they developed instruments able to collect data such as biomedical indexes and game details (real-time tracking, heat maps, spatial disposition, defensive and offensive maps) during a basketball match. A 10 grams’ chip is put in the players’ shoes to send inputs to the software that displays the outputs on a screen (tablet, pc or smartphone). It potentially could be used for all other similar team sports with the same needs (for the match briefing and training session schemes 140.000 paper sheets are used weekly without that system). Great potential has been seen in this application by the jury that selected NBN23 among competitive rivals.

In fact, other data analysis focused start-ups participated at the final in Trento:
MySnowMap (Italy) uses measures and weather forecast to improve safety of outdoor people on the snow. PlayGineering (Latvia) uses videos to track and collect statistic during matches (hockey, football, basketball to name a few). CoRehab (Italy) uses wearable sensors to help rehabilitation and sport training showing how to correct position and movement during exercises.
And others were product innovator start-ups, such as Inoxsail (Italy) that created a new type of double keel for sailing boats, Leaos (Italy) with a solar charging urban E-bike, BionicGym (Ireland) that created an intensive cardio training system by electrical stimulation of muscle. And also, Triboom (Italy), a crowdfunding platform dedicated to sport clubs/associations, SakProject (Portugal), that makes injury prevention gear in strong military material and ItoiTex (Japan), that makes cloth for shoes made by “washi-cloth” (a type of ancient Japanese paper).

In a world where innovation affects each field, from tech to medicine, now we’re seeing this changing in the sport as well. And the last innovations could make the difference and change the way we are doing sport.
“After a breathtaking match, Novak Djokovic was asked to throw his t-shirt to the fans. He thought a second and he did it. Then the crowd asked again to throw his shoes. He thought for a while, then take off the shoes and was about to throw them to the fans when he stopped, took the shoe and pulled out the insole from inside before giving them to the crowd eventually. When later he was asked why he did that, he replied the insole was his secret success.”

Competition Calendar

Regional Finals:

Middle East – Tel Aviv, Israel: May 23rd
Europe – Trento, Italy: May 31st
USA – Denver, Colorado: June 15th
Balkans – Petras, Greece: June 23rd
Africa – Nairobi, Kenya: June 30th
USA – San Francisco, California: July 6th
UK – London, Great Britain: July 12th
Latin America – Sao Paolo, Brasil: July 14th

International Final: Rio De Janeiro, Brasil: August 2nd

The jury and the sponsors The jury and the sponsors


jcobs5 Inoxsail stand

jcobs6Corehab stand


jcobs7SakProject stand


jcobs8PlayGineering stand

jcobs9Leaos stand

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