How to make big things happen?

15 Sep 2014

Perhaps you sometimes wonder, how big things actually happen, how they come to life. How great ideas materialized into great things? I do. I also love biographies. I am inspired by other people’s life especially those that have achieved something big in their lives. Steve Jobs once said “The ones that are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do”. I want to be that guy who changes the world. And I do. But what do you actually need to change the world? Determination? But not only this. Yesterday we have handed over Polish Startup Manifesto to the Polish President, thing I would have never thought might be possible. How did happen?


You have to find inspiration to do great things. You have to look for it. My way is to open a book and look into other people’s life. Discover their paths and find my own ways. Like with Steve Jobs who always discussed things while walking or with Leonard Cohen who was looking for inspiration on Hydra island, or Ozzy who doesn’t remember a thing (maybe a bad example). You have to find inspiration in the world around you. Sometimes this might be people you spend time together, our friends, family or colleagues. It’s good to be surrounded by inspiring people.


Yes, people. Especially those we share our precious time with. It is confirmed that we usually achieve more if we spent time with people who want to achieve more. Or with people who has already achieved more. It is similar with the team, team that will enable us to fulfill great things. Ideas come to life in individuals minds, great things happen because of the team work. Hard work. Together We Achieve More. Chose wisely people you want to work with. You have to share same beliefs and values. It doesn’t mean you have to agree, the more diverse the team is the better.
If you have great ideas and you want to make them happen look also for supporters. These might not be your team members but it is good to know that your work speaks also to strangers. It means then that you do the right job.


The moment I knew we will write Manifesto was the same moment I realized we won’t be able to do it on our own. I realized that we don’t have all competences that should be included. I started thinking and planning. You have to spend more than 50% of your time when managing the project on planning. I carefully chose and proposed partners that were competent in fields that we wanted to include in the document. Chose carefully your partners. How to find them? Networking.


Successful ideas have to be communicated and understood. This is crucial if you want to do one step after another. We have to talk and listen, and talk and listen… Constant process that cannot be forgotten especially if we work remotely or with partners we don’t know so well and this might actually happen quite often. My way was to prepare a detailed plan for the internal communication scheme and asked one person to be responsible for handling that. A simple thing that enabled me to focus on other areas that had to be done.

Promotion and PR

Promotion and/or external communication. This also includes Public Relations. We have to say the world that we have come up with a great idea and see what feedback we will get. External communication is a key factor. But it is not easy to find external supporters. Press is one the possible channels we might want to use. My best connections with the “big” press was triggered and started via social media. Don’t be afraid to use Facebook or Linkedin to promote your ideas. This is when networking comes in handy.

Hard work

Nothing, absolutely nothing will become materialized without a hard work. I mentioned above I love biographies. I have read quite a few and I can say one thing they all have in common. The prerequisite to become successful in is just to keep doing what you do. One of the most famous quotes from Martin Luther King is “If you can’t fly then run, if you can’t run then walk, if you can’t walk then crawl, but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward.”


Last but not least. How far can you go without petrol? You will go maybe couple of stations and then you stop. You stuck. You need passion and you need to infect others in order to keep moving forward without unwanted stoppages. Find and follow your passion and make great things happen.